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surfing with helen bates - italy and eastern europe - may 24th., 2004

updated wed 26 may 04


Helen Bates on mon 24 may 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Italy and Eastern Europe - May 24th., 2004

Cipriano Piccolpasso (Castel Durante, near Urbino, Italy)
The Three Books of the Art of the Potter

Considered to be an alchemical text.
Babelfish Altavista translation:

Tiny URL for translation:

Nino Caruso (Italy)

Ceramic sculptor - mythovases interest me the most.

Ceramics Online (Italy) (Ceramics Towns)

Firing the Kassel Kiln, 2003 (Klikov, Czechoslovakia)

(International Wood Fire Symposium in Klikov, southern Bohemia)
More information here from Martin Hadrava:

(Society for the preservation of the Pottery Tradition in Klikov,
Czechoslovakia) English version of the Society's home page:


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