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to japan on saturday / open august woodfire workshop spaces

updated fri 28 may 04


John Baymore on thu 27 may 04

Just unloaded the noborigama here this morning. Had some nice stuff....a=
some disappointments.... which is the "Makigama-do"..... (Way of the
Woodkiln) . All in all, a good firing.

I am now putting the finishing touches on packing for almost two months i=
Japan. I will be setting CLAYART to "nomail" tomorrow and will be away
from my normal email address for about two months...... so if you need to=

contact me now .... do it before about 7 PM tomorrow.
The wheels leave the runway at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Or while I am=

"on the road", you can send anything important to my temporary JBaymore
(the AT sign) address. (I deleted the @ sign in that address=

to stop the spammers. Just insert it in the usual place.)

For the whole month of June at the Kanayama Woodfire Artist in Residence
program...... I will (likely along with Tony and Lee) TRY to get some
updates about our experiences onto CLAYART. They said that we should hav=
access to computers with English operating systems on them. (Nothing
weirder than looking at Windows desktop.... in Japanese .) After I
leave Kanayama... I will not have regular email access that I know of...a=
will rely on finding an internet cafe that has some English operating

After the residency, I will be back in Mashiko again (3rd time) for a
little over a week Then staying with a potter friend in Motegi for a few=

days. Then on to Kyoto for a while to sightsee. Then down to Bizen. Th=
I am on to Tokyo where I'm excited to say that I have been invited to
present for the ceramics program at the Tokyo National University of Art
and Music (Gedai). Then staying with a potter friend in Saitama for a fe=
days. Flying home the night of July 23rd. I'll likely be back on CLAYAR=
about July 25th - 26th.

My annual summer woodfiring workshop at my studio still has 2 spaces left=
. =

Unfortunately, I will be leaving for Japan before it is filled this year
...... so if you are interested in it any communications will have to be
via my temporary email address in Japan or through snailmail with my wife=

who will be opening my studio mail. The mailing address is on the traile=
at the bottom of this message.

Have a great summer and make lots of pots.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086-5812 USA ......... up until Friday, May 28th about 7 PM

JBaymore (AT) .............from June 1 through June 30th =

(sporadic thru July 23rd)

603-654-2752 (studio)
800-900-1110 (studio)

"Earth, Water, and Fire Noborigama Woodfiring Workshop: August 20-29,