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clayart digest - 5 jun 2004 to 6 jun 2004 (#2004-159)

updated tue 8 jun 04


Wes Rolley on mon 7 jun 04

At 12:00 AM 6/7/04 -0400, you wrote:

>I know my heating rate - it's 60C/hr at 1100-1200 dropping quickly to 40C/hr

I have never been able to pre-program the appropriate top temperature and
rate of time to exactly match the cone appearance at which my glazes look
the best (^8). There are too many variable at play, including the total
mass (how many pots, shelves, etc.) in the kiln load.

The appropriate action on my Skutt electric is to place a cone at a peep
hole so that I can observe its position and then to use the "skip step"
function of the computer program (push VIEW -> ENTER -> ENTER in quick
succession) to move to the cool down steps in the program.

"...I strongly believe that craftsmanship is important only to the extent
that it supports the spiritual content of the work. Form, emphasized by
surface quality must, above all, remain a very human expression. And the
quality of a piece, at the end, depends on the human emotion it expresses
or inspires." - Harrison Macintosh

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Lee Marshall on mon 7 jun 04

In a message dated 6/7/2004 12:20:17 AM Central Standard Time,

> Cambridge Pottery Festival is scheduled for June 13-14 (next weekend).
> Will any of you be there? Dawn

I'll be there! I haven't done this show for a couple of years but it has been
a good show and lots of fun. see you there.
lee marshall