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surfing with helen bates - german sites - june 7 - 04 (a)

updated tue 8 jun 04


Helen Bates on mon 7 jun 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - German sites - June 7 - 04 (a)

AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation for translation:

(Some peoples' names are translated inappropriately, so keep a copy of
the original web site loaded as well as the translated one to see the
correct names of these artists.)

Galerie Wohnen und Kunst (Gallery of Living and Art) (Berlin, Germany)

Click on click on "die K=FCnstler" for artists, or "Unser Angebot" for a
choice of links (two directories for ceramics)

StudioDesign4 - The Ceramics Site (Germany)

(International studio ceramics site) (German and English)
(Has a "collection" and a "gallery" - some of the latter are for sale.)

Berlin Ceramics Museum (Heinz-Joachim Theis, director)

For a collection of historical, 20's-50's, and modern pieces, click on=20
"Sammlung." (Archives are not active yet.)

Neue Keramik (New Ceramics) On-line artist gallery

Artists featured: Carmen Dionyse, L=E1szlo Fekete, Yasuo Hayashi,=20
Brigitte Schuller. (Lists artists cited in past issues of the magazine.

Kab Joo Lee (Germany, born Korea)

(The site designer for the Neue Keramik ceramics gallery and a sculptor=20
making large ceramic pieces for outdoor intallation)

Schleswig-Holstein Professional Association of Arts and Crafts

(Originated in 1946 ) (mitglieder =3D members) Clicking on the small arro=
to the right of an artist's name opens that person's page. If there is=20
no arrow, there is no page for that artist: Christa L. B=E4nfer; Carina=20
Br=FCgmann - Gyamfi; Antje und Rainer Doss; Jutta Graff; Kap - Sun Hwang;=
Sabine Jeck; Elsbe Junge; Susanne Kallenbach; Doris Kn=F6rlein; Susanne=20
Koch; Eva Koj; Marianne Praetorius; Katrin Schober; Brigite Storck; Till=20
Sudeck; Martin Voigt; Annika Wendt; Kai Wendt; Uta Weseloh; Jan Wieben;=20
Roswitha Winde;


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