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clayart digest - 7 jun 2004 to 8 jun 2004 (#2004-161)

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Wes Rolley on wed 9 jun 04

At 12:00 AM 6/9/04 -0400, you wrote:

>I would be interested to hear how consistent firing results are for other
>owners of digital controllers.

Arnold, I would have to disagree with your statement that "A digital=20
controller should give repeatable results." in the sense that there are too=
many factors involved to be easily analyzed...most importantly the state of=
the elements, the need for controlled cooling and the total mass that needs=
to be heated.

I have a Skutt, not a Paragon, but I think that what I say holds for most=20
digital controllers. On the Skutt, there are two modes of firing. One is=20
to fire to a given cone, the other follows a specific profile for rate of=20
rise to a given temperature. Since the profile that fires to a given cone=
value does not allow for controlled cooling, I must use the ramp/hold=20
method of firing and that DOES require viewing the cones to make sure that=
the proper amount of heat work has been accomplished and no more.

Using the ramp/hold firing method, the length of time to reach temperature=
(cone 8) varies by approximately one hour depending on the size of the=20
load. I confess to be operating on the down slope of useful life of my=20
elements. Still, if I depended on using a profile rather than viewing=20
conde, I stand the danger of seriously under or over firing every time.

"I find I have a great lot to learn =96 or unlearn. I seem to know far too=
much and this knowledge obscures the really significant facts, but I am=20
getting on." -- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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