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surfing with helen bates - scandinavia - june 8th., 2004

updated thu 10 jun 04


Helen Bates on tue 8 jun 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Scandinavia - June 8th., 2004

The Kuopio Academy of Design (Finnish Polytechnic Academy) (Finland)

Abstracts of the "Final Project Works" (Ceramics)
(Academic years: 2003 - 2004, 2002 - 2003, 2001 - 2002, 1996 - 2001)
Zoomable photos of some pieces in ceramics and glass:

A ceramic artist's sense of humour? .

The University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland)

(Two photos here are of pottery students at the University of Industrial=20
Arts using a special tool and armrest while working at the potter's=20
wheel.) (Are they forming a plaster original of something that will=20
later be cast?) UIAH home page:

Ceramic prehistoric shards from Finland
(Suomen esihistoriallinen keramiikka)
(Finnish language only)
(Scroll down to the "Kivikausi" section and click on any text link then=20
on photo for many clear and interesting zoomable photographs of=20
prehistoric ceramic sherds found in Finland.)

Raision archaeological site (980-1220) (Mulli, Finland)

(Photographs of artifacts including a clay pot and various ornamented=20
sherds. Scroll down to these links: "Clay pot TYA 642: 2973"; "Sherds=20
of clay pots TYA s.n./MLDP9703"; "Sherds of clay pots TYA=20
s.n./MLDP9704." (Click on the identification code letters and numbers.)

Nina Hole (Denmark)

(Wood Fire potter - (Chosen as "Site of the Week", June 8, 2004 in=20
Steven Goldate's "Ceramics Today" online magazine:=20

Galleri N=F8rby (Denmark)

(English pages available: click link "English version." Artists:
Anne Fl=F8che, Anne Lise Bruun Pedersen, Barbro =C5berg, Bente Hansen=20
Bente Skj=F8ttgaard, Bodil Manz, Christian Bruun, Dorte Heide, Dorte=
M=F8ller, Fulby, Gerd Hjort Pedersen, Gitte Jungersen, Gunhild Rudhjord,=20
Gurli Elb=E6kgaard, Inger Rokkj=E6r, Jane Reumert, Jesper=20
Christiansen, Jytte H=F8j, Karen Bennicke, Kate Malone, Kirsten=20
Ortwed, Knud Kristensen, Knud Odde, Lone Skov Madsen, Marianne=20
Nielsen, Mark Lagerberg, Marlene M=FCllertz, Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl,=20
Mette Vangsgaard, Michael Geertsen, Milena Bonifacini, Morten=20
L=F8bner Espersen, Nils Erik Gjerdevik, Nina Hole, Ole Jensen, Peder=20
Rasmussen, Priscilla Mouritzen, Sandra Davolio Steen Ipsen,=20
Steen Lykke Madsen, Sys Thomsen, Ursula Munch Petersen, Anders=20
Ruhwald. (Note: more of Nina Hole's work.)

Jan-=C5ke (or "Ake" or "Aake") Andersson (Tibro, Sweden)

Andersson has been firing his anagama to good result for vessels and=20
platters, etc. He also does some interesting public art in ceramics.


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