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toxicology and $$$

updated thu 10 jun 04


Lee Love on thu 10 jun 04

*It is great to be able to access current Ceramics Monthly articles on
the web. I get my subscription a month late here in Japan, so I really
appreciate the web articles!

Interesting article in the current CM by Jeff Zamek:

Cobalt on Trial *
The effects of a lawsuit on ceramics suppliers and artists
/by Jeff Zamek/

If you subscribe, read the whole article here:

Short quote:

> /“Many undesirable things can grow in a climate of ignorance and
> speculation. Ceramic raw material toxicology has become increasingly
> subject to exploitation and misunderstanding by the uninformed. While
> it is understandable that individuals cannot always access the
> resources necessary to scientifically counter misconceptions regarding
> ceramic materials, it is inexplicable why places of higher learning
> have not undertaken ceramics-related health studies to counter false
> claims and rumors.”/

Lee In Mashiko, Japan