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co-op death

updated fri 11 jun 04


Christie Lucero on thu 10 jun 04

I'm reporting with great sadness the demise of the co-op gallery, Yankie =
Creek, in Silver City,NM after 11 years of existance. I no longer =
showed there but it was where I had my first and very positive =
experience with a gallery. From what I understand, and there are =
probably many sides to this, it was felled by interpersonal feuding. A =
thought for those considering starting a co-op, take the accounting =
off-campus. Pay a disinterested third party to keep the books and take =
the flack.=20

Co-op feuds remind me of that saying about faculty feuds... they are so =
vicious because so little is at stake....

Christie Lucero
Snowlion Fine Arts
Coyote Creek, NM