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incredible beautiful crystalline glazes

updated fri 11 jun 04


Wes Rolley on thu 10 jun 04

I find it interesting that those who have commented in the past about the
appropriation of the techniques and styles of indigenous cultures have not
commented about the fact that Jo, Yi Huan has appropriated a glazing
technique that is not of his culture, being a product of modern research
and development.

Modern Communications has opened the world to all of us and has allowed any
of us to draw on whatever resources we need to accomplish whatever art
drives us to do.

"...I strongly believe that craftsmanship is important only to the extent
that it supports the spiritual content of the work. Form, emphasized by
surface quality must, above all, remain a very human expression. And the
quality of a piece, at the end, depends on the human emotion it expresses
or inspires." - Harrison Macintosh

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