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building an anagama wood fire kiln in northwest florida (navarre)

updated sun 13 jun 04


Sara Zehr on sat 12 jun 04

I posted this several weeks ago and then had a virus so had to clean up =
my computer before anyone could respond.

The Kiln Walk Society, a not-for-profit organization, is building a =
Anagama kiln in Navarre Florida. This project is the first of several =
kilns to be built on this site. The Kiln builder is Brian Harper. =
This event will be the last week in July 2004 and will take about two =
weeks to build. We will need ten to fifteen people each day to =
participate in this event. This kiln will be 30 foot long and six foot =
tall. We have been putting this project together for some two years or =
more. We have raised money for this project with Grants, Memberships, =
and Private donations. This will be a community public facility with =
the local artists, college and University students participating in the =
firings. If you are interested in this project, want to know more =
about it, and would like to be a part of this project, Call Marty or =
Brenda Stokes at 850-939-2744, or you can e-mail me back for more =
information. Navarre, Florida is very close to Pensacola, in the =
Norwest corner of the Florida panhandle. We have beautiful white =
beaches and are not crowded like southern Florida beaches. It is a real =
destination place. If you have tried to contact the Stokes in the past =
several weeks and have failed, please try again. They were in Costa =
Rico for ten days and then come home to some illness in the family. =
They are home now. The building for the kiln will be put up this coming =
week or next. We have all our permits, variances etc. There is a lot =
of local support for this project, especially from the colleges and =
universities, Tourism, Chamber groups. We have a wonderful junior =
college here (PJC) with the most up-to-date ceramics department you =
could dream of. Also the University of West Florida has a large campus =
here and the director of the art department is a Board Member Officer of =
this Society. Sara Zehr