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canvas squares ,now smooth bottoms/vince

updated fri 18 jun 04


John Post on thu 17 jun 04

I am wondering if anyone knows of a source on line for the abrasive
flap wheels Vince mentions besides Grainger?
I do not have a commercial business account, but would like to get one
of them for my studio...
Feel free to post the link to the list.

John Post

Vince said...
The greatest area of neglect on pots in the US is
the unglazed foot. I do not like a glazed foot, but I also do not like
when an unglazed foot is left raw and rough. There have been plenty of
posts mentioning the abrasive flap wheel, which can be installed on any
bench grinder or on a simple accessory arbor on an electric motor.
needing information can find it in the archives. The abrasive flap
instantly transforms rough, abrasive high-fired clay surfaces into
silky-smooth surfaces. I have watched customers pick up my pots and run
their hand over the foot, and it makes them smile.