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canvas squares as bats - now: "oilcloth" and or leatherette...?

updated thu 17 jun 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 16 jun 04

Reward offered...!

Hi Jo, and dear all...

Likely, you are thinking of 'vinyl'...

However...I do need (real) "Oilcloth" as well as (real)
"Leatherette" of preferably the 'cloth' (fine Canvas or
Muslin) types, but I could live with the 'paper' types also.

Any lead will be appreciated and rewarded is
successful...old end-bolts, odd-lots, individual pieces of
smallish 'pillow-case' size even...will be welcome, (not
Brady Bunch 'flowery' things form the '70s, but the "real"
old-time honest-to-goodness solid color Oilcloth, and
Leathette...any quantities...

No 'vinyl'...(if it has a plastic stench and folds 'thickly'
and is real ugly looking with majorly disgusting colors, it
is vinyl...)

Leatherette is a faux 'Leather' looking or textured Leather
looking Fabric or Paper backed material as was formerly used
for covering various Notebooks, Musical Insturment Cases,
Luggage, Book-bindings, Collar Boxes, etc and etc...

Cash or other Rewards commensurate with how much of what a
lead may bring...



el ve

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From: "Jo Smith"

> Thanks for describing this process.. Where do you get
oilcloth canvas. Is
> it the smelly stuff you used to buy at the 5 and dime for
table cloths?
> Didn't think it still existed.
> Jo