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canvas squares as bats - vince's mention,

updated fri 18 jun 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 17 jun 04

other's mentions : "Oilcloth"?

Hi Vince, maybe all...

You (singular) mention:

"> If you search "canvas" on the internet, you will find
suppliers that still
> have oilcloth."

Now, if you send me a link to a source for real, actual,
true Oilcloth, and I can get some from them as is more than
the size of a 'hanky'...

I will gladly send you ( "you" singular, or whomever so
advoses me, right-to-your-door, ) the Tool-of-yer-choice,
OR, a nice, crisp, ugly-assed, big-head (
third-world-looking designed-by-hapless-comittee vulgar)
$50.00 Dollar Bill (with old boozer tyrant grant's sorry,
de-cigared, grim, humorless, federal, South Hateing,
bile-chompin' visage on it...jus' like the bureau of
pah-rinting sends 'em out for our happy backed-by-nothin'
hold-'em-to-the-light-first use of now-a-days).


When you (you plural-we-them-they-whomever) say "Oilcloth",
are you (etc., ditto,) intending in-fact to mean "Oilcloth"
? - or do you (etc, ditto, ) actually mean 'vinyl' or
something as is NOT "Oilcloth", but is merely causually
called such in a very loosely transfered, figurative,
allusionally confusion of the term? - say, about how
referring to 'Tupperware' as 'Pottery' might be a loosely
transfered, figurative, allusional ('confusion') sense of
that ( read: "THAT") term?


What are we (actually) talking about here please?

Thank you...!


I hate to keep biteing the lure here on the
'Oilcloth-that-is-not-Oilcloth' issue here, but let's please
allow our terms to defer to the actual thing we mean? Lest
we confuse eachother...!

Especially since I do need some for some projects as are
'patient', but, as I would like TO get done sometime

No ( Zero) nada ( ZIP) "Oilcloth" has been produced in the
U.S. that I know of, (or that anyone I have spoken to off
and on for ten or twelve years now, knows of) for over
fourty years at least...maybe 'fifty'...(rumors sometimes
surface about it having been made more recently in the
former Soviet Union...but, otherwise,) confusions or
contempt for the subject sometimes arise in my conversations
with Fabric Brokers as eventually get 'testy' to conceed
their error, and admit they 'mean' to say "vinyl"...(but why
bother telling the 'truth'? Perhaps I should call them
'Monkeys' as the human genome project shows it to be
abundantly close-enough? Why quibble!)

Otherwise, Oilcloth was 'done' here in the 'states' by about
the time "Ike" gave his fare-thee-well address...'vinyl'
took over...(in more ways than one)...or other
petro-chemical-plastic phony stuff took over (usually
'smelly') is not and was not and never can be,

...'vinyl' is not 'Oilcloth'...

If some schlocky strip mall fabric store store-clerk that
wendys did not hire the week before, wants to call vinyl,
"Oilcloth", do not be decieved! - do not be taken-in! - do
not be fooled! They will lie to you about almost anything
anyway! ...likely not knowing or careing that they do
so...(see the 'papers' for lot's more of 'that', for that

... that does not make-it "so"...anymore than that if they
should call 'tupperware', Pottery, would...make-THAT-'so'.

Are ye with me? All?

Lemme know...

Please all...pah-huh-leeeeeeeeze...let's know our Materials
AND their ('real') names...

And, alert me with remedial corrections for my occasions of
unwitting transferences and confusions, should I commit them
( and maybe I will, too) pals may 'do' happy
regard for eachother, AND for the subject(s)...and for
careing about what something 'is'...



el ve

Hot-'n'-perspirin' and midnight...feels like the damn
'Tropics' here today...with...winds startin' up which for a
moment had that 'Freight Train' sound to 'em, as I was
hoping were maybe them long awaited Tornadoes come to
tear-up-the-pea-patch, as I dreamt of when I first moved
here, and have waited for all these years...tenderly, and
with affection, hoping they finally get here so I can see
their spectacle and Buzz-Saw worm-wiggle attentions to this
town, and blow them tons of big Big BIG grateful kisses for
their havinf finally come...before I 'move'...


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From: "Vince Pitelka"

> > Thanks for describing this process.. Where do you get
oilcloth canvas. Is
> > it the smelly stuff you used to buy at the 5 and dime
for table cloths?
> > Didn't think it still existed.
> Jo -
> If you search "canvas" on the internet, you will find
suppliers that still
> have oilcloth. We recently purchased a roll of regular
canvas duck from
> Allen Canvas, and I think they carry oilcloth.
> If you use regular canvas duck, then I would use 10 ounce
or 12 ounce
> weight. If you use oilcloth, you should be able to get by
with a lighter
> weight than 10 ounce.
> Best wishes -
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka
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Fredrick Paget on thu 17 jun 04

other's mentions : "Oilcloth"?

>Now, if you send me a link to a source for real, actual,
>true Oilcloth, and I can get some from them as is more than
>the size of a 'hanky'...

Hi Phil,
Can't vouch for this stuff but they sez it's oilcloth the real stuff.
Fred Paget
From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA