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mug design and chrish-from sam

updated fri 18 jun 04


Sam or Mary Yancy on thu 17 jun 04

I have a mug made by a young lady in my ex-office (at United Airlines (At the time-1960's) going through a lot of difficuclties with her boy friend (Fiend?). Swas beaten up when she came to work ocassionally and I had to councel her to get rid of him and procusicute - (apparently no friends or family) . During those years there was not much more that I could do leagely. As It was around x-mass, I as her manager had arranged a special company x-mass get-together - but for her - especially. She saw all the gifts and the party afterwords and said very little ---- BU, she left her boyyfriend, left the comnpany and moved to the east coast. About a year later, she sent me a Mug that she had made. I still use it every morning for my special first coffey and think about her for a few minutes.. You never know where GRACE comes from. Could be from the pot you buy. Any mor stores like this. Peace be with you. Sam in Daly City.

The mug I drink from in the morning as I peruse daily musings on the
computer is chosen for pure beauty and inspiration (and from my current
favorite potter). The mug I choose to drink from on my drive to work is
functional, larger, AND beautiful and satiny to the touch.