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mug design and seductive pottery prose

updated fri 18 jun 04


Mike & Diane on thu 17 jun 04

Wow Vince!=A0 Your words below fall into some of the sexiest and most sensual
reading I=B9ve come about.=A0 Your prose was breathtaking and goosebump-making
all at the same time.=A0
Now that's out of my system, I'm on to mug design.=A0 I was thinking about
this during my entire drive to work this morning (yes, I have to have a day
job).=A0 Being a pretty serious coffee drinker myself, I find that I have
different mugs to fit different needs.=A0 Kind of like women and their shoes.=
Each serves a different purpose and is chosen accordingly.=A0 Of course, the
bottom line is functionality and balance as a point of departure=8Abut from
there the sky is the limit.=A0

The mug I drink from in the morning as I peruse daily musings on the
computer is chosen for pure beauty and inspiration (and from my current
favorite potter).=A0 The mug I choose to drink from on my drive to work is
functional, larger, AND beautiful and satiny to the touch.=A0 The mug I drink
from at my desk is one I made years ago,the base is heavier than my desk, i=
holds the heat well and NObody is going to be knocking this over. The mug I
drink from in my studio is a Corona Light.

Diane Rae
Royal Thrown Pottery
Great Falls, Montana where we got a quarter inch of rain this morning and
the whole town is rolling in the puddles.
Date:=A0=A0=A0 Tue, 15 Jun 2004 20:33:59 -0600
From:=A0=A0=A0 Vince Pitelka
Subject: Re: more design discussion, mugs
=B3I have experienced pots that were especially seductive to the sense of
touch because of the satin smooth glaze enhancing subtle undulations of
surface, or because of incised lines with edges softened by glaze, or
because of trailed slip creating raised lines or dots, or because of an
incised repeating pattern.=A0 I saw a photograph of a blackware Zulu pot (I
believe it was in the book "Smashing Pots") from South Africa which has a
asymmetrically arranged patch of raised dots on the surface, and a textured
woven fiber collar attached at the top.=A0 I really want to handle that pot.=B2