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surfing with helen bates - netherlands (1) - june 11th., 2004

updated mon 14 jun 04


terryh on sun 6 jun 04

>Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 22:07:42 -0400
>From: Helen Bates
>Subject: Surfing with Helen Bates - Netherlands (1) - June 11th., 2004
>Surfing with Helen Bates - Netherlands (1) - June 11th., 2004

mmm, a week too late.

i just came back from noordwijk, netherlands friday night.
one free day in amsterdam, (didn't have time to plan, so)
made a routine museum round to van gogh and state museum, rembrandt.
no ceramics except royal delft.

i'll check with helen's surf sites next time.
thanks helen.

terry hagiwara

Helen Bates on fri 11 jun 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Netherlands (1) - June 11th., 2004

Toon Thijs (Toon Thijs Ceramics Studio) (Netherlands)
(Dutch and English)
Toon Thijs produces his own ceramic art in his own small-scale studio.=20
He also holds exhibitions of other clay artists' work and keeps stock by=20
the following ceramists: Marc Adriaenssen (B), Levas & Lina Bekeras=20
(Lt), Willy van Bussel (NL), Geoff Cox (GB), Eddie and Margaret Curtis=20
(GB), Hannah Curtis (GB), Andr=E9 Fayt (G), Horst G=F6bbels (G), Richard=20
Godfrey (GB), Netty Janssens (NL), Roger Lewis (GB), Pedro del Rio (SP),=20
Stan Linssen (NL), Helmi Schellinger (NL), Ronny Seeuws (B), Mark Smith=20
(GB), Ardine Spitters (F), Carla Teer (NL)

Monique van de Ven (Netherlands)
(Dutch only)
(You can use for translation.)
(Sculptor making avant garde Ikebana forms, Raku and naked raku pieces,=20
and oxblood glazed extruded and assembled stoneware.)

Leo Broos (Netherlands)
(Dutch only)
(Naked raku and burnished, smoke fired terra sigillata vessels with very=20
fine vessel forms whose surface treatment satisfies my esthetic sense.)
("Volgende" means "next") Click "Online" for pots.

LOES & REINIER International Ceramics (Deventer, Netherlands)

(This gallery features potters from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and=20
Britain, and holds several exhibitions throughout the year, some of=20
which have online images.)


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