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surfing with helen bates - spain - june 11th., 2004

updated sun 13 jun 04


Helen Bates on fri 11 jun 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Spain - June 11th., 2004

Some of these sites are in Spanish only, so use=20 for translation.

Pedro Del Rio, (PRIOART) (Catalonia, Spain)
(Spanish, or perhaps Catalonian)
(English text available for CV)
Decorative and sculptural (figurative) stoneware.

Cer=E1mica y Cultura (Ceramics and Culture)
(Bilingual Spanish and English)
(The Story of Spanish and Mexican May=F3lica [mayolica])
(Includes a 48p PDF k-12 teacher's curriculum and a link to the Museum=20
of International Folk Art (MOIFA), northern New Mexico)

Arte ARAgon (Arts Aragon) (Spain)
(Spanish only)
Artisans of Aragon, Spain)
This seems to be a well-designed site. Searchable - copy the term for=20
Ceramics: "Cer=E0mica" from anywhere you find it into the box to the left=
of "Buscar" (search) and go, then click the names for the artists' work.

The Museum of Ceramics (Museu de Cer=E0mica) (Barcelona, Spain)

This small trilingual sitein Catalan, Castillian, and English is the=20
ceramics venue of the three "Museos de las Artes del Objeto" (Arts of=20
the Object Museum. The most useful area of the site for viewing Spanish=20
pottery is the "Collections" link.

=C1baco Arte (Abaco Art) (Andalusia, Spain)

(Highly decorative pottery in Islamic style - many individual pieces. A=20
commercial site with little English, but worth a look if you are=20
interested in Islamic form and decoration.)

Meli Estrada (Malaga Spain) (M=E1laga Spain]
(Spanish only)
Estrada works in several types of ceramic bodies: marbled stoneware,=20
raku, and Egyptian paste (wheel thrown.) She includes on her site a=20
glossary of Spanish ceramics terms and an English-Spanish dictionary of=20
ceramic words. She also has a couple of pages of Egyptian Paste recipes=20
for temperatures ranging from 800 to 1000 degrees celcius.

Galerie Handwerk (Handcraft Gallery) (Munich, Germany)

(German exhibition of Spanish ceramists)
(Change the setting to German/English if translating with Babelfish.)
Artists: Madola Angels Domingo Laplana, Claudi Casanovas, Luis=20
Castaldo, Marisa Herron Rodriguez, Enric Mestre, Javier Monsalvatje=20
Vich, Juan Orti Garcia, Xavier Toubes (One piece each)


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