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vacuums, rainbow - concerns of vacuuming acidic dusts...

updated mon 21 jun 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 20 jun 04

Hi Gary,

Just vacuum up some Baking Soda now and then...and it will
work out...about even.

If the Vaccuum does 'wet' Vacuuming, then, a wet solution of

el ve

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From: "Gary Harvey"

> One question. Some of the chemicals that we use could be
acidical. ( for
> lack of a better term) Would not that damage the vacuum
cleaner. I do have
> a Rainbow but I hesitate using it because the vacuum I
have been using in
> the studio is coated with chemicals. I am scared that
they could harm the
> Rainbow and the cheap unit is cheaper to repair and
replace.. I don't think
> Rainbow will guarentee a unit used in these conditions.
Your thought
> appreciated. Gary Harvey, Palestine TX