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dried mugs

updated fri 25 jun 04


lili krakowski on thu 24 jun 04

Ah well.
Too dry mugs make good test pots. They make fine tumblers, pencil
holders, vases, and, lined with cloth, chamois, foarm rubber make
excellent holders for reading glasses. Fit them with a cork and you
have dear little canisters for teabags, sweetener packets and such.

This may not be inspired impro but they will make neat little
"wrappings" for small presents. Who would not like several Godiva
truffles, a bracelet, a gift certificate all "wrapped" in a tumbler?

Which reminds me. A neighbor asked me for a tumbler with a cork lid--to
store her false teeth in. She disliked the plastic containers at the

lili krakowski
Constableville, NY 13325

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