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measuring mugs and other stuff

updated fri 25 jun 04


Earth and Fire Pottery on thu 24 jun 04

Hi Ivor and all-

I measured all the mugs i have both with a ruler and with my long nose. I found the only one i didn't like because my nose did not fit in was 3 inches accross and 2 3/4 inside. Maybe we should also be looking and considering the minimum size for comfort and fitting the human face, and making a bell curve for that. Then we can establish a range. How say you?
Also, I agree with Vince that trying to rehydrate mugs is a waste of time. I struggled with that for years before giving it up as a bad idea. It's a losing battle. Just make more.
And, while i'm here, I am a volume seller too. People constantly say, you're prices are sooo reasonable. Well, yes they are. I'm not undercutting other potters, but i make that which a) sells and b) is beautiful and c), is double what it costs me. Retail at fairs and from the studio. I am usually the one that sells the most at events, and belives that selling 40 pieces a day is more profitable in the long run than one. Seconds are cheap, i really really want them to go home with someone else.


Where summer is still struggling to arrive. Nice 90 degree days with a nice wind. Our 12 weeks of 100 + heat will be here soon enough.

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