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2005 clay lover's calendar show opening

updated thu 1 jul 04


L. P. Skeen on wed 30 jun 04

Hi folks! I hope you have it down in your dayplanner to come by the =
opening reception for the 2005 Clay Lover's Calendar show at the =
Greensboro Artists' League tomorrow night. The show opens at 6 and runs =
until 9. There is some really great (stunning, even!) work in this =
show, and you will be amazed at what some folks can do with clay! =20

The Greensboro Artists' League is located at 200 N. Davie Street, corner =
of Friendly, in the Cultural Center downtown. Plenty o' parking, and =
this is the First Thursday of the month, so there's lots going on. In =
addition to the Calendar show, there is a small group show opening at =
the same time, and some of their work is excellent. I look forward to =
seeing you there!


L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery, Summerfield, NC
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