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amori woodfire workshop in japan /lee's unique kiln question

updated thu 1 jul 04


John Baymore on wed 30 jun 04


Hey... no problem. Goood to hear that the new studio is now functional.
And it was raining torrentially here today in Tsugaru Kanayama too.

Well... with a FANTASTIC Japanese dinner out tonight capping off
things..... the residency program is now over. Each of us still here had
14 individual ceramic dishes at our places at the long low table on the
tatami mat floor. THAT is why Japan is "potter's heaven".

I head off to Mashiko tomorrow about 10 AM.....and am down to only about 3
weeks left in Japan I was really happy with the last pots of mine out of
the small noborigama..... and I feel that the last pieces that I have left
here which are as yet unfired are the best work I have done the whole
time. So all in all..... it was a great experience. I have learned much.

It is a bit sad here now.... as we all go our separate ways. Shikata ga
arimasen (no alternative).

I will lose my easy email access when I leave here...... will be looking
for internet cafes and such. SO I may not be posting as much until I
return home on the night of July 23rd.

I am replying now here below to an email question from Lee Love that has
not yet hit the archives ..........

Lee.... the wood kiln you are refering to is an amazing unit...totally new
concept. I have permission from Matsumiya-san to write an article on it
for one of the western ceramics mags (not sure which yet). There is a
person coming here to Kanayama write a whole Japanese language BOOK about
it! I've shot pictures and taken measurements and have the firing cycles
we used and such.

So I'll keep it a bit "under wraps" for the moment.... but it is an amazing
unit to fire and it produces mega ash and natural youhen effects.
Insightful design by Matsumiya-san.

Anyway...... it is late and I have to go to bed.



John Baymore
Tsugaru Kanayama
Goshogawara-shi, Aomori-ken

Lee Love on thu 1 jul 04

John Baymore wrote:

>So I'll keep it a bit "under wraps" for the moment.... but it is an amazing
>unit to fire and it produces mega ash and natural youhen effects.
>Insightful design by Matsumiya-san

Awwe, come on John. A little teaser might help sell magazines and
books. :-)

I didn't get a chance to look at the recent construction of Furuki-san's
new kiln. You will have to look when you get there. He called it a
bourry box anagama. Then he disappeared and brought back the
recent issue of CM, showed me and Craig the photos of the Train kiln and
said, "It isn't like this kiln."

Lee in Mashiko, Japan Commentary On Pottery