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postcard from nc: 2005 calendar show

updated tue 6 jul 04


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On Thursday, July 1st Lisa Skeen hosted the opening of the exhibition at the Greensboro Arts Centre.

A beautiful venue with many galleries. There were several openings at the same time and lots of interested and interesting people. It was indeed a very busy night.
A real treat to see the well displayed pieces. Functional and sculpture, delightful in every sense.

I wish to congratulate Lisa and thank her for a succesful event and the great care she took on displaying everything so nicely and with so much respect.
I was honoured to be present with other friends and we all enjoyed inmensely the evening.

Hopefully next year more Clayarters will participate.

She was gracious to be my host for that evening at her home and took the next day to drive me through pottery heaven, Seagrove, home of 101 potteries. What a treat.!!
Meeting so many potters and delighting myself beyond belief inmersed in so much beautiful work.
In the afternoon we had a very memorable event, we visited Mark Hewitt in Pittsboro, whom I last met in Melbourne back in 1991. What a treat to visit his studio, talked at length and brought great souvenirs. I'm already hooked to his mug, constantly using it.
Miss Lisa was very wonderful, all praise words are not enough to express my appreciation for her, she is so much fun to be with, warm and caring.

My other long lost Bolivian friend hosted me for the next days, Chapell Hill, Duke, NCU, Raleigh, Carrboro, more galleries, picnics and fireworks.
What a trip. God bless these fabulous persons.
still in Carrboro,NC

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