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surfing with helen bates - oregon and washington - july 8th., 2004

updated sat 10 jul 04


Helen Bates on thu 8 jul 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Oregon and Washington - July 8th., 2004

Jack Gunter (Camano Island, WA, USA)
(History of the World Pt. IV Fine Arts Gallery)

Gunter makes pottery with classic forms, sometimes altering or tearing
the rims, and painting scenes around the bodies of the pots much like
Greek or Egyptian patterns. His paintings are strongly political, with
ecological, environmental, and social protest themes.

Barbara Dunshee Pottery (Seattle, WA, USA)

Dunshee works in high fire porcelain and low fire clay.

Local 14 Art Show and Sale, Portland, Oregon, USA

The annual Local 14 Art Show & Sale represents the artwork of women
artists from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Rock Creek Gallery (Portland Community College) (Portland, OR, USA)

Donna Cole (Adjunct Faculty, Ceramics, Portland CC, Rock Creek)
Click "Past Exhibitions" to peruse the shows, several of which have a
number of ceramic works on view.

Howard House Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

Yi-Chul Shin, Robert Sperry, Patti Warashina, and a Patti Warashina
mini-retrospective as the current show.


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