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surfing with helen bates - southern california - july 9th., 2004

updated sun 11 jul 04


Helen Bates on fri 9 jul 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Southern California - July 9th., 2004

Fred Olsen (at Kecskemet [Kecskem=E9t], Hungary)

The Heroes 2000 Exhibition at the Kecskem=E9t Museum Ceramics Studio...
Use the back button to link to other exhibitors: Andras Antal, Philipe
Barde, Gy=F6rgy Buczko, Philip Cornelius, Gy=F6rgy Fusz, Steven Heinemann=
S=E1ndor Kecskemti, Paul Mathieu, J=E1nos Probstner, Imre Schrammel, Andr=
E. Tornay, Vladimir Tsivin, Yo Akiyama.

Clearly Black & White (Tierra Solida) (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

This is a newly-discovered clay art gallery that I reached while
searching for Sandra Torres, whose name I picked up from the
International Ceramics Studio, Kecskem=E9t, Hungary web site:
maintained by Steve Mattison
of the UK. I knew of the Hungarian site, but was returning to it
because I found, while visiting a page on Graham Hay's site
that the city's name can
also be spelt "Keeskemet." While revisiting the ICS pages, I found a
reference to Torres, so I set out to find a sample of her work online.
That's when I found out about Tierra Solida...
Here is the line-up of artists from one of the 2003 shows at the
gallery, "Clearly Black & White", juried by Michael Arntz: Karin
Aggeler, John Allen, Richard Barrier, Margie Basch, Oscar Bucher, Trent
Burkett, Bill Danch, Brendah DeBow, Merrillee Ford, Linda Gates, Eileen
Goldenberg, Rod Guyer, James Haggerty, Samuel Hoffman, Pat Kenny,
Francine Kirsch, Marcia Kocka, John LaPointe, Mary Law, Judy Lee,
Phyllis Lee, Nancy Legge, Jacqueline Marks, Christina McCarthy, Virginia
Mitford Taylor, Reiko Miyagi, Una Mjurka, Elizabeth Orleans, Elaine
Pinkernell, Biliana Popova, Agustin Quinones, Valice Raffi, Eric Rempe,
Chris Rupp, Porntip Sangvanich, Jan Schachter, Sally Seymour, Gail
Sheekey, Hector Soriano, Ann Testa, Genie Thomsen, Sandra Torres, Nina
Ward, Sarah Welch, Susan Whitham, Lin Xu, Rollie Younger, Joan
Zagrobelny, By the way, I found Sandra Torres's own web site by typing
her name into the Google Search engine and clicking on the images
button: .

Mark S. Bollwinkel (Los Altos, CA, USA)
Pastor potter Mark S. Bollwinkel

Bollwinkel, Senior Pastor of Los Altos United Methodist Church calls
himself a "garage potter." He makes a large variety of attractive
stoneware, wood-fired and raku forms.

Joyce Kohl, Sculptor (Altadena, CA, USA)

Kohl is a Professor of Fine Art at California State University,=20
Bakersfield, Ca. She works in steel and "Stabilized Adobe", and other=20
materials, and her work is often frankly political.

Katie Frank (Ohlone College, Fremont, CA, USA)

For Frank's ceramics teaching pages, click the text: "121B+=20
Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics." See especially her "Ceramics=20
Presentation; Cups" and "Ceramics Presentation; Plates" for work by=20
several well-known ceramists, including Viola Frey.


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