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ash glazes/ koie cooker update

updated tue 20 jul 04


Gary Navarre on mon 19 jul 04

Hay Crew,
Ricky Lavato helped me change my muffler last week and when I was
leaving to pay off the pallet of brick from Miller's he told me about
some brick he found in the old Lake School in Norway. On the way back I
checked them out. He had found 45 3x6x12" high heat duty Empires in vary
good condition. I rebuilt the Koie cooker with the screen 12" from the
bottom and am now cooking down the Red Pine brush in a chamber that is
9"x9"x3.5'. Now that it is tighter the cooking is slower and more
managable. I'm about 3/4 done with the 300lbs of brush and it looks a
lot better. Since I know it works I'm going to try other brush such as
Hemlock, Tamarack, Cedar, Maple, or Spruce. Who knows, by the time I get
this all set up Martha Stewart will be done with her house arrest and
her P.O. will let her come up and do a show about the process.
Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan

"Nothing like a bit of stoop labor every day to make this old man feel
healthy again." G. in da U.P.