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bonsai pots on the internet bonsai club gallery

updated mon 19 jul 04


Luis Fontanills on sun 11 jul 04

Hello friends,

It's been awhile since I've posted here primarily on bonsai pots.

The Internet Bonsai Club has an excellent site to share and comment on such
pots. It is a specialized category of ceramics but fascinating.
Please visit at:

Luis Fontanills Architect and part time Potter
Miami, Florida

Luis Fontanills on sun 11 jul 04

Sorry about that link mix-up. Here it is:

Luis Fontanills on sun 18 jul 04

Here it is again, the URL was mutated by this list's system:

and just in case usuing

Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on sun 18 jul 04

Luis Fontanills posted the Bonsai photographs website:

There are all kinds of great pots on this site, but also, it is a wonderful
interactive setup, where people can post photos, and others can respond to
them, and add more photos, and there are numerous threads full of photos.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have one of those boards for Clayart?
I wonder what kind of software it requires, or what is involved in setting
it up. It seems very fast and user-friendly, not like some of the
discussion sites that are slow and cumbersome and difficult to figure out.

Clayarters resort to numerous options to try to share photos, using their
own sites, free photo posting sites, sites that Clayarters set up from time
to time, but they are scattered over the place, it's hard to find them
again, and people can't respond. This interactive gallery thing that the
Bonsai Club has is really neat.

East Bangor, PA