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electric kiln elements and crystalline firings

updated fri 16 jul 04


Ivor and Olive Lewis on thu 15 jul 04

Dear Fredrick Paget,
Well, I know nothing about Molybdenum Disilicide Elements! !.
Are there kilns which are made to go up to Cone 16.? Who makes them?
What are the refractories? Will they withstand the thermal stress of
such rapid temperature changes?
But I think your comments also raise issues about a general ignorance
of Crystalline Glaze Technology. On the practical side I think things
are well under control. But what do we really know about these glazes?
You seem to direct our attention towards the control of viscosity or
fluidity of crystalline glaze recipes. Perhaps we should question the
need to go up to Cone 10. Many modern crystal glaze recipes utilise
prepared commercial frits. These are usually active and fluid by the
time they are heated to Cone 02. So why is it necessary to go so much
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
S. Australia.