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rafael molina-rodriguez - copper red from walter donald kring

updated thu 22 jul 04


BJ Clark on wed 21 jul 04

I found a post by Rafael Molina-Rodriguez about some Copper Red (and
Purple)glazes from Walter Donald Kring in the archives (dated in 96).
I'm preparing for a big art fair in Colorado and mixed some up on a
whim and put it on a few pots and the are _by far_ the most beautiful
glazes I've ever seen in person. If your still out there, THANKS! As
my professor would say, "these things are going to be a license to
steal from the house wifes." One of my fellow class mates actually
cussed at me because she had been trying to get a good red for so long
and I got this the first try.

Now, If I could just find a nice yellow of this calibre. . .

Thanks again Rafael Molina-Rodriguez!

BJ Clark
Grand Junction, CO, USA

Where it was so hot and dry in the desert that my pots are ready to
trim within an hour and a half. Great for deadlines.