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updated tue 13 jul 04


Des & Jan Howard on tue 13 jul 04

Shino?? - Sea Salt added to Glazes or Clay

Must be the company name :)
As you can see my anti virus/anti spam program
didn't block your post, just tacked a heading on it.

I add salt to my "shino" to increase the Na content.
Soda feldspar 72.5
High alumina kaolin 14
Alumina 8.5
Salt 5
Add lots of PVA glue or heaps of CMC gum, high speed
stir the glaze & dip the pots in the froth.

I also spray sea salt solution on just glazed pots to alter
the local environment. My flambe glaze drifts
from blue/red to red/blue where the area sprayed
shifts from high K to high Na. The reason for sea salt, cooking salt
& table salt have flour or starch added to make them
free running, this settles out & clags the spray gun.

There have been no obvious overfluxing of our clay bodies
(nice flashing tho') & as we use make & use vitreous
porcellaneous stoneware changes should have been apparent.

Mark Potter wrote:

> I hope this post gets through - lately I've been getting the feeling my
> firm's email is blocked by Clayart due to the name - a sextant is a
> nautical instrument, not a naughty instrument!!!
> My next question is about adding salt or sea salt to glaze recipes, or
> even clay. What does this do, and what kind of changes can one expect to
> see to glazes if you add salt to glaze or clay materials instead of
> salting the kiln.


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