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surfing with helen bates - july 21st., 2004 - north california, usa, #1

updated thu 22 jul 04


Helen Bates on wed 21 jul 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - July 21st., 2004 - North California, USA, #1

Gregory Felando and John Greise (Arcanum Ranch Pottery) (Whitethorn,
(Mendocino County), CA, USA)

Greg Felando and John Greiser established Arcanum Ranch Pottery in 1978.
They started with wood-firing, but moved to gas firings (propane) in
the mid-1980's as the supply of wood becames scarcer. Many one-of-kind
functional pieces. Glazes are quite varied.

Philip Cornelius (Pasadena, CA, USA)
Cornelius at the Frank Lloyd Gallery:

Cornelius was one of the "Ceramics Heros" in the 2000 Kecskemet show:

Welsh, Stan (Professor, Ceramics, San Jose State U) (San Jose, CA, USA)

Nice old-fashioned html site. Lots of photos of facilities, artwork,
people. (Love Maris Grosbah' pigs!)

Chris Winfield (Winfield Gallery (Carmel, CA, USA)

(Contemporary Artists section: Ceramics)
Ceramists: Jillian Banks, Bennett Bean, Corcoran, Annette Kvenild, Beau
Lovera, James Tony Marsh, Shapiro, Karen Betty Spindler.

Baulines Craft Guild San Rafael, CA

Jane Woodside, Beverley Prevost are two potters who have external links
from here to their own web sites, and Jan Schacter and Janice Rowell
have links to the group artists' web sites Guild Com and Silverhawk.
Clayarter Bonita Cohn, is the webmistress.

Marin Arts Council

Ceramics Artists: Daphne Ahlenius, Nina Barbalacci, Cheryl Berger, Lisa
C. Bookstein, Icka Cayard, Alice Corning, Mara Fath & Michael Karasik,
Mary Hammond, Ruth Hyndman, Carolyn Means, Lorna Newlin, Shizuko
Shichishima, Marilyn Stiles, Gloria Tomback, Kevin Waller, Maurice
Weitman, Greg W. Williams, Jamin Zegart.
Several of these artists have links to external sites for. One of them,
Shizuko Shichishima (Cisco Collection), has, besides his fine nerikomi
and other traditional Japanese and modern styles of pottery, one
interesting page with a Japanese - English pottery glossary.


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