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updated fri 30 jul 04


mel jacobson on thu 29 jul 04

i have a pair of `denver fire clay` burners that i purchased
in 1961. have used them ever since.
in fact, just shut them off....a nice cone 11 chinese glaze

it is amazing how well made those old cast iron burners are.
they have a round bellows to control primary air.
i have them mounted on high pressure rubber hose.
nice. no noise at all.
i change the hose every three matter what.

some times we find old things that really need to
change. i fire with about 2lbs of gas pressure/35 feet of line, from a house
meter. lots of air.
several folks that build kilns, sorta in the know folks have told
me that this kiln will not fire past cone 3.
i fooled them all, including the gas company for 40+ years.

gas mixed with oxygen is what fires a kiln.
not raw gas.
i have seen dozens of kilns with gas pressure of up to
10lbs...yes. 10 and they will not make cone 10.
silliness of the first order. heating the sky, not the kiln.

same with coils on an electric kiln.
if they are slowing down...replace them.
the same people that will kill a kid for throwing
away a soda can will fire an electric kiln for three
years with slow firings(extra four hours on high). waste thousands of amps of
electricity. just burn it up...and claim to be the next coming
of christ in ecology.
waste on all levels is often miscalculated and mis-understood..but
it makes great conversation at a party...or school function.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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