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progress in the staffel studio

updated sat 31 jul 04


Bonnie Staffel on mon 2 aug 04

Dear Clayarters,

I am sticking my toe in the pool here as I have not been receiving Clayart
for almost a month or so. It is now coming in spurts, two days and then
skip two days. Anyway, I have to report on my progress. I actually loaded
and unloaded two kilns in these past two weeks and yesterday gave actual
centering a try. Threw 12 mugs before I had to stop. The clay didn't feel
like bricks any more. The mugs even had thin walls. Prepping the clay
through the pug mill also takes its toll on my strength but everything seems
to be getting easier. My output for the upcoming Charlevoix Waterfront Art
Fair will be minimal at the least, but am looking forward to getting back.
I have been honored to be the featured artist in this year's fair so that
will make it a fun time for me hugging my old friends and customers. My
family is doing the toting and selling for me and a friend is setting up
their tent. One does get thankful for these gifts.

If you are going to be in the Charlevoix area August 14th, do visit the
fair. Artists from all over the country exhibit and it is one of the
premier fairs in Michigan, second only to Ann Arbor.

Warm regards,

Bonnie Staffel
Potters Council member