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updated sat 31 jul 04


David Beumee on mon 2 aug 04

It's good to see a message from you Joseph, and I appreciate your comment about potters taking charge of our own markets and to quit depending on promoters to keep us in sales. As a maker of traditional pottery using porcelain clay I'm ready to extend your idea to galleries as well. It took 22 years working as a pro to be invited as a featured artist in a beautiful top-end gallery, and the 50 platters, covered jars and vases looked great under the lights at the opening (July 2). A year's work, and the gallery was foreclosed upon five days later. No sales and I managed to get my work out due to a call from the gallery manager. Now I'm back to presenting portfolios and hearing (Santa Fe) gallery owners say "certainly impressive, but doesn't quite fit."
The next shows will be here at the studio. It takes a long time to learn the right lessons. Always did like making casseroles and cup and saucers and plates and bowls and pitchers, etc.

David Beumee
Earth Alchemy Pottery
806 East Baseline Road
Lafayette, CO 80026-2447

> Hi Tony,
> I have been off this list for a loooooong time. I think I signed off in
> 1998 or so. Not as many names I am familiar with posting these days.
> Greetings to all.
> I don't know anything about Wendy Rosen's shows or the ACC. I have not
> done any shows in many years now. I have felt for some time that
> potters need to take charge of their markets and quit depending on
> promoters to keep them in sales. I don't know how other American
> potters are doing as I never get out much any more but I just had an
> open house sale last Saturday that netted me roughly three times what I
> usually do with such events. I have five or six studio sales a year in
> addition to keeping the place open 24/7 with a self serve honor system
> type of thing. It works well and is my only sales venue, no
> consignment, wholesale or shows. The only marketing I do is my
> newsletter which many clayarters have seen and my web site.
> I am still waiting for this economic down turn I read about to hit my
> sales. I am not getting rich by any means but the bills are getting
> paid and two of my kids are through college. I have taken a second job
> as a Grand Canyon river guide but the motivation there is far from
> economic. There are just some things that a person should do before
> they get too old.
> I agree with you 100% about potters only being able to depend on them
> selves any more. In one of the last posts I sent to this list in 1998 I
> expressed my doubts about the effects of the promoter driven market
> on the type of work being made. I'm sure it is still archived somewhere
> in the ether. It seems to me that potters are terribly susceptible to
> trends that crop up in such shows. It is hard to stick to your guns in
> terms of personal vision and standards when the guy next to you is
> selling 10X the ware with the hot new look. Life is too short to spend
> it making someone else's pots just to make a buck, IMHO.
> Joe the Potter
> --- clennell wrote:
> > No, this is not a message from Marvin Gaye!
> > Talked to friend tonight that is doing the Rosen Show in Philly next
> > week
> > and she said the ACC show has been cancelled. Craftspeople were given
> > 2
> > weeks notice. i figure some would have been working for months to
> > get ready
> > for this gig. so the Farm Gate 50 mile radius routine just seems to
> > be more
> > and more the way to go for potters. there is only one person to
> > count on in
> > this life and that's yourself.
> > Anyone have the scoop on why????????????????? after so many years the
> > ACC
> > has it's ass to the grass. Is the American economy in ruff seas???? i
> > know
> > the Canadian economy is not the best it's ever been.
> > Thank god, i don't make my living as a potter. Oh yeah, I forgot, I
> > do!
> > cheers,
> > Tony
> > Tony and Sheila Clennell
> > Sour Cherry Pottery
> > 4545 King Street
> > Beamsville, Ontario
> > CANADA L0R 1B1
> >
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