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galleries in dc

updated fri 20 aug 04


Ann Kenworthy on thu 5 aug 04

Can anyone in the DC area recommend any commercial art galleries (that =
have pots) to visit in DC? Although I lived there many years, and am =
now only an hour away, I just don't get in to town much anymore, and I'd =
like to do a day's "tour" with a visiting friend. (I am familiar with =
the public museums, so don't need any info on them.)

Thanks for your ideas.


Beth Wiley on thu 19 aug 04

Earth and Fire is a gallery of fine craft located in Vienna, VA, that
specializes in functional pottery.

Outside the Box -- interpretations of the box by Michael Simon, Mark
Shaprio, Sam Taylor, Sequoia Miller, Maren Kloppmann and Diana Thomas --
opened at the gallery on August 13, and will be here until September 18.

I also am honored to have some of the last pots from the estate of Byron

You are all very welcome -- I always love to visit with potters.

Beth Wiley
Earth and Fire
144 Church St. NW
Vienna, VA 22180
703 255-3107

Hours: Tues-Sat. 10-5
Sundays and evenings by appointment