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mothers big ash

updated tue 10 aug 04


clennell on sat 7 aug 04

Sour Cherry Pottery

> Hi Chris and friends of Hog Chain woodfiring,
> When I think back of how I bragged about getting cone 13 down and all
> the drippy, glossy ash on the pottery fired here, I wonder why somebody
> didn't say, "Hey stupid, calm down!" Well, maybe they did say that, but I
> just didn't listen.

Dear Merrie: You have been blessed by your Mother of a woodkiln to give you
such a generous amount of ash. If i were you I wouldn't slim it down or
fire cooler, I'd celebrate it! My kiln gives me big ash only for the first
few pots(my favourite ones) and then it is really quiet enough that i could
fake it in my gas kiln.
To rid youself of the grinding away of the big ash syndrowme here is a few
1. Use a fireclay mixed with sawdust for wadding- Be generous on the sawdust
2 or 3 sawdust to one fireclay. Pops off easy. Alumina in that hot part of
the woodkiln fluxes and pulls big chunks outta the pots.
2. I have been leaving a saucer around the bottom of my pots. Push down with
a rib to leave this saucer that will collect the ash as it flows down the
side of the pot. the ash then seems to flow around the bottom of the
pot/saucer and leaves this incredible green celedon pool. Because the bottom
of the pot is flat and the saucer collects the ash i put the wads well
underneath so no more grinding.
Mother gave it to you,so celebrate it!
Bon feu!

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

Merrie Boerner on sun 8 aug 04

Hey Tony,
Around here we often quote Woody on Cheers when he shook his head and
said, "Like my Uncle use to say....'Women'."
Someone at the bar said, "Yeah, Woody...what did your uncle say about
Woody, straight faced said, "That's it.....'Women'."
One day I may like crusty and nasty, the next day glossy and smooth.
One day I may choose a rough, dry teabowl for a martini, and the next day
drink coffee in a Ron Roy mug.
I can say, "The unpredictability of woodfiring is stimulating", and then,
struggle to control the results of the firing.
Mother and I enjoy both kinds of music, loud AND soft.
It is a woman's purgative to change her mind without explanation.
In summary, people should not take my advice, hold me to any opinion I've
given, or expect me to remember what I said yesterday ;>)
It ain't east being me,
Glad you are impressed with Mother's ash :>) We have used your wadding
recipe (with lots of sawdust) for the past two firings and it does make me
happy ! Thanks !

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