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a "not brown" woodfired pot

updated sun 15 aug 04


Lee Love on wed 11 aug 04

Here is a tokuri from the firing I just opened. It is
a "whole pot" test tile. It is about a foot tall. Folks used to
keep these in their homes and mosey them down to the corner sake shop to
get them filled with sake to take home. (Before throwaway containers.)

The top is Sage (Seiji) Nuka ( copper green rice straw ash glaze) and
the bottom is the first time I put my nami jiro (wood ash from my wood
stove) glaze on a pot, at the bottom:

in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!

Lee Love on sat 14 aug 04

More "whole pots" as test tiles. Click on next, 9 new photos all together:

Sorry I haven't replied to private email. I will reply soon, hopefully

Lee in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!