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wood firing/ gathering wood photos

updated thu 12 aug 04


Gary Navarre on wed 11 aug 04

Hay crew,
Since I'd yammered so about the wood gathering and brushing I put
together the photos of the work site evolution. One tool not shown that
comes in handy is the Fiskars extendable pole pruner for trimming the
lower limbs without cutting down a live tree. It has an enclosed in line
aluminum head with chain drive, not an exterior system of pulleys and
levers, quite convenient for wriggling up through branches. (I'm not
pitching Fiskars, it's just what god pointed we to when I went into the
local hardware.)
I guess this is the address of the album:

Hope that works. If you get tired just doing the heavy lookin on this
might not be for you, as with all physical exercise check with your
health care provider first. Sure beats roofing! Keep going!

G. in da U.P.
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, U.S.A.