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another whole pot, as test tile...

updated fri 13 aug 04


Lee Love on thu 12 aug 04

Here are links to my first tests of unglazed bizen clay. My kiln
likes to make a liar of me. Before the firing, I said I was going to
focus on more glazed work. But this bizen clay worked really well
throughout the kiln, even in the coldest spot in the flue. So I am
going to start putting unglazed bizen in the cool spots of my kiln.
Next time, I will wrap some work in straw to add a little variety.
I guess it is best to feed the kiln what it wants to eat. I got some
good glaze tests too, so I will put Shigaraki at the hot flame entry,
glazed Mashiko nami in the middle of the kiln and shigaraki at the
cooler flame entry and in the coolest spots.

Besides, Bizen and Shigaraki are the two closest pottery centers to
where I was born.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!