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woodfire documentary movie

updated fri 13 aug 04


Chic Lotz + Keith Montgomery on thu 12 aug 04

For anyone interested in woodfiring, this new ceramics documentary, "The
Climbing Kiln of Woolman Lane", is a must see. In October 2002, during the
a woodfire workshop lead by Richard Hotchkiss, Director Patty Eacobacci,
captured the magic of the process and the place quite eloquently. This is
the oldest and largest noborigama kiln in North America. It was built with
hand dug, hand formed clay bricks and has been fired twice a year since
1971. If you are a teacher, this is an ideal classroom video about the
community spirit required to woodfire a 6 chamber climbing kiln. It is 45
minutes long. For any alumni of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water workshops in the
summers of 1971 -1978 this movie will bring back a wealth of memories.

This documntary film will be shown at the screening room at the 2005 NCECA
Convention in Baltimore. Patty Eacobacci, is awaiting reviews by Ceramics
Today and Studio Potter News. She is looking for potters to review the movie
and give input to her on-line reviews page.

This movie was premiered in Grass Valley, California along with a show and
sale of pots fired in the kiln. With two movie screenings and a six hour
show we sold over $2000 in woodfired ceramics. Many laypeople came away from
the movie with a new found appreciation of woodfiring. To see the movie and
then feel and touch the finished pots really helped promote the art.

Check out the the movie's website at and read about
the movie and see photos. If you have high-speed internet you can
watch a small movie clip. You can buy the video via a secure online store.