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surfing with helen bates - eastern usa #1 - august 14th., 2004

updated mon 16 aug 04


Helen Bates on sat 14 aug 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Eastern USA #1 - August 14th., 2004

Kiva Trading Company (New York, NY, USA)

American Indian, authentic, handmade, sterling silver jewelry, Hopi,
Navajo, Zuni & Pueblo traditional crafts at Kiva Trading Company
The carved and highly polished black Santa Clara & San Ildefonso Pottery
varies in size from under 3" to about 6or 7" tall; pottery from other
pueblos and nations may sometimes be a little taller.

Digging for Clay in the Archives of American Art
(Smithsonian Institute, USA) (Washington, D.C. USA and other locations)

This exhibition, part of the Nanette L. Laitman Documentation Project
for Craft and Decorative Arts in America, is a selection of letters,
writings, photographs, interviews and other primary sources documenting
American artists working in clay. Paper and photographs from: the
Laura Andreson Papers; the Frans Wildenhain Papers; the William Wyman
Papers; the Robert Turner Papers; the Dorothy Weiss Gallery Records; and
additional selections. Papers and other records shown online: Vivika
and Otto Heino, Beatrice Wood, Paul Soldner, Tashiko Takaezu, Anne
Smith, Annette Corcoran, Rudy Autio, Jun Kaneko, Peter Voulkos, Don
Reitz. During a five-year project, the Archives of American Art will
record and transcribe 100 oral history interviews with key figures in
American craft and support a campaign nationally to collect the papers
of prominentn artists working in clay, glass, metal, wood, and fiber.
There are several video clips (Val Cushing, Ruth Duckworth, Don Pilcher,
Elsa Rady) and audio clips (Michael Cohen, Marilyn Levine, David
Shaner, Val Cushing, James Melchert, and Robert Turner) as well.

Ramona Peters - Nosapocket (Mashpee, MA, USA)
(Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Artist)

Wampanoag Forms in Clay: Trail Step Clay Sack, One Thumb Pot, Young
Womens Lap Bowl, White Gallon Clay Sack, Wampanoag Cooking Pot, Sunburst
Berry Pot, Whale Oil Pot, Attushquoag Pipe, Bear Clan Pipe, Four Face
Pot, Clan Mother's Pot, Ancient Lately, Night Guardian, Cape Cod Bay
Clay Sack, Legend of Mashpee Pond, Taino on Wampanoag, Sophia Pot,
Dances In The Rain. (Thanks for this site to Bill Amsterlaw.)

Mint Museum of Craft + Design (Charlotte, NC, USA)

Selections from the Allan Chasanoff Ceramic Collection
Featured: Ralph Bacerra, Wayne Higby, Toshiko Takaezu, Stephen
DeStaebler, Howard Kottler, Patti Warashina, Ruth Duckworth, Mary
Rogers, Viola Frey, Geoffrey Swindell. There is a glossary of pottery
terms and some small video clips on the coil and slab process are
viewable online. There are a couple of search utilities, but I couldn't
get them to work. Perhaps they are not ready.

Franklin Parrish Gallery (USA)

Artists: Lynda Benglis, Stephen DeStaebler, John Mason, Beverly Mayeri,
Elsa Rady. Resale artists: Robert Arneson, Kathy Butterly, Richard
Dillingham, Ruth Duckworth, Viola Frey, Andrew Lord, James Melchert, Ron
Nagle, Ken Price, Betty Woodman, Daisy Youngblood. In some browsers,
these galleries may invoke a Pop-behind window for some reason, but once
they are brought to the front, all is well. Close the pop-up before
clicking on a new name, or you can use the mouse's right button to bring
up a menu and select "Back" with the left button, if you're comfortable
with this technique.


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