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2005 claylover's calendar - oops

updated tue 17 aug 04


L. P. Skeen on mon 16 aug 04

Well, another oops. I din't mean to imply that this is a Clayart calendar,
as A. Many, if not most, of the participants are not on clayart, and B. it
is not sponsored by Clayart or ACERS in any way. Sorry for the mixup. Just
another case of my fingers moving faster than my brain.......again.

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From: "L. P. Skeen"
Subject: Clayart Calendar - oops

Hi again folks. Well, I have now seen the proof, and I like it better on
paper than I did on screen. I have to make a couple of minor changes (like
despecking an image) and then it's a go! Sorry about the link to the
shopping cart that din't work yesterday; it has been fixed (THANK YOU GAIL)
and works now. Here is the address to purchase your 2005 Clay Lover's

IF YOU ARE A RETAILER and want to carry calendars in your store, please
email me offlist for the wholesale link.