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question on advancers and wood kilns, florida report, etc.

updated thu 19 aug 04


June Perry on mon 16 aug 04

We just got back from Bakersville, N. Carolina where we are in the process of
buying a house. When we saw the hurricane was headed in our direction, we cut
our trip short, got our house bid in, met with the bank manager and headed
home, picked up the dog at the kennel, and then starting getting ready for the
storm. Fortunately we only got the edges of it and just had to deal with a lot
of greenery debris and no power and no phone due to a neighbor giant oak
toppling over on to the wires. We finally got the power back late afternoon
yesterday. Our only loss was the freezer full of food. We were very lucky!
Now that our bid has been accepted my mind is shifting to the kiln I want to
build. With my bad back and trashed neck, I'd love to get more of the
advancers; but I've heard that they don't do well with moisture. If anyone here has
been using them for a while in wood and/or soda firing I'd love some feedback.
We've used them for just a couple of soda firings at another studio and so
far, so good; but I'm interested in how they will fare long term.
The house we're buying has the perfect hill behind it for an anagama. Oh, if
only I were younger and healthier! LOL Instead I'm thinking a little
crossdraft with a single bourry box might be just the thing for this old gal.

June Perry

steve harrison on wed 18 aug 04

On Tuesday, August 17, 2004, at 11:47 AM, June Perry wrote:
> I'm thinking a little
> crossdraft with a single bourry box might be just the thing for this
> old gal.
Hello June,
if you are interested in building a small Bourry box kiln you might be
interested in my book 'Laid Back Wood Firing'. It is a monograph on the
Bourry box wood kiln.
If you are interested, you can find information about it at the Ian
Currie web site at the URL below.
Best wishes
Steve Harrison

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