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clayart digest - 15 aug 2004 to 16 aug 2004 (#2004-226)

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Lee Marshall on tue 17 aug 04

In a message dated 8/17/2004 12:58:09 AM Central Standard Time,

The two models I am looking at both are single phase programmable top
loading kilns and are
more-or-less in the same price range. The Cress is model ET2831 an the L&L
is model e28T both
are rated to cone 8.

i would NEVER buy any kiln except an l&l. the ceramic element holders are
the difference. changing elements is a breeze. no pins. no broken bricks from
pins. i have a 20 year old l&l and it is still in great condition. had to
change to wiring in the control box a year or so ago. the tech guy is awesome.
spent about an hour on the phone with me and talked me right through the
process. bought a new computer controll j230 about a year ago and it is a dream.
the programing uses takes in to account heat work.
lee marshall
silver ridge pottery
_www.silverridgepottery.com_ (