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making oval platter questions

updated mon 23 aug 04


Ann Semple on sun 22 aug 04

why not throw the platters and then cut them off the bat and get lots=
water between the bat and platter, cut a long thin disc out of the ce=
( make both cuts angled (ie \\) to give more surface area to connect)=
the cut slipped edges together, seal, and voil=E0, an oval platter.=
As for
the foot, throw a bottomless cylinder, finish the top of it as you wa=
nt the
bottom of the foot to look, cut it off, slide it into an oval, and wh=
en it
sets up a little and the platter is dry enough to invert, attach it t=
o the

annsempleatshawdotca with the appropriate symbols replacing the at an=
d dot