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international ceramics art fair jingdezhen china oct. 2004

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Invitation to the Jingdezhen 1st International Ceramics Art Fair
Back in the Jingde age of the Northern Song dynasty (A.D. 1004-1007),
Changnan Town in Fuliang county, Jiangxi Province, was named "Jingde Town"
by the emperor Songzhenzong. The palace had decreed that the fine porcelain
wares produced in Jingde Town would be sent to the palace, sealed "made in
the year of Jingde" at the bottom. Since that time, Jingdezhen has become
the famous world capital of porcelain.
For the millenium celebration of the establishment of Jingdezhen, the
Jingdezhen 1st International Ceramics Fair (JDZICF) will be held October
12-18, 2004. The event is sponsored by the China Association of Light
Industry, the China Association for Promoting International Trade, and the
Government of Jiangxi Province. More than three thousand guests are expected
from everywhere in the world.
The event includes the exhibitions of all kinds of ceramics, exchanges of
ceramic culture, and ceramics trade fairs. JDZICF will be held at the China
Ceramic City and the China House in Jingdezhen, which provide a big platform
of 2,000 showrooms 230,000 square meters large.
Come to Jingdezhen in October, the season of the golden autumn. All guests
from at home and abroad will be warmly welcome by the forward-looking and
warmhearted people of Jingdezhen.
Thank you!
The Organizing Committee of Jingdezhen 1st International Ceramics Fair.

On the behalf of the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA, we are going to lead
another group to travel to China. The cities include Shanghai, Yixing,
Jingdezhen, Xi'an and Beijing. Please contact us at for details.

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