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tuscon az

updated sat 18 sep 04


claybair on wed 1 sep 04

Any potters willing to
share information about studios,
galleries and real estate in the
Tuscon area please contact me.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

Ron & Nancy Hughes on thu 16 sep 04

Hey Gayle,

Noticed you hadn't received a response yet to your query on Tucson. My
wife is the potter; and, if you had some specific questions about galleries
'n stuff, I'm sure she could get answers for you.

My father and sisterare Realitors, they work together as a team. They are
4th and 5th generation natives of Tucson. Between the two of them, there
isn't much they can't tell you about Tucson and the Real Estate scene here.

you can access them through their website; which also allows for a limited
amount of non-committal browsing

Good Luck,

Ron Hughes