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september 2004 cm cover

updated sun 5 sep 04


Allyson May on fri 3 sep 04

I LOVE the vessel on the cover as well as those pictured in the mag. I =
like seeing a Raku artist get recognition! As a Rakuer I realize we =
don't get as much press as some of you other guys (not complaining here, =
just an observation) but we do produce beautiful works. As for the =
design, I think it works very well. I love the different textures =
developed by using the lichen glazes/slips juxtaposed with both glossy =
and matte surfaces. It makes you want to touch it. This is a type of =
design which will have you walking around the piece again and again just =
to watch it flow and change. The forms themselves show great control of =
the medium. They seem to teeter on instability while still maintaining =
wonderful balance. Retro? It may very well be retro but, retro is hot =
right now. Have you seen what the kids are wearing! Art reflects the =
time and place in which we live! =20
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, Indiana

kathy_chamberlin on fri 3 sep 04

i believe the artist was very successful with the design on the
vessel, it think it is neat. CM chooses the best photography for their
cover, not so much the best pot for the cover. If both criteria's are
meet, total success. Believe me I am having up close and personal
experience with this particular division of the magazine right now. In
regards to clay wall art, yes I can say I have almost totally moved
into making clay wall art and less table art. It is working for me and
now am able to enter more art shows/exhibits/galleries that normally
excludes, specifically no crafts, allowed on the prospectus.
thanks kathy chamberlin

Eleanor on sat 4 sep 04

My ten cents (inflation):

Form: interesting, nice, looks well-crafted.

Decoration: started out good with the gently colored circular
shapes--they were in harmony with the rounded forms of the pot--but
disturbed by the harsh geometric overlay, causing confusion.

My husband, a qualified amateur critic (he likes my pots) :-) says,
"Nice to look at but I wouldn't want to own it--I'm confused--looks
like a toucan dissected."

Confusion seems the operative reaction here. Perhaps that's the
artist's intention!

Disclaimer: the above is based on the internet photo--we haven't yet
seen the accompanying article.

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY