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a different clay concern,bats

updated tue 7 sep 04


Milla Miller on sun 5 sep 04

bats and racoons in this part of the country is that they carry rabies and
one you ca approach probably is rabid.
Margaret in SC

Martin Rice on mon 6 sep 04

I don't write in too often. Those who know me know that I don't know much
about clay. But I know A LOT about bats. My wife rehabilitates injured bats.

Certainly the advice about not approaching a downed bat -- or any downed
animal -- unless you know what you're doing is right on the money. However,
if you have to, just wear thick gloves and you'll be perfectly safe handling
the bat.

This is probably starting to get rather OT at this point. If anyone has more
questions about handling downed animals, drop me a line off list.
Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica