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"iron chef" and pottery---- florida thoughts..

updated wed 8 sep 04


Brian Haviland on tue 7 sep 04

At 09:46 PM 9/4/04 -0400, you wrote:
>Anyone out there a fan of Iron Chef on the Food Network? I was watching it
>the other day and I was facinated by some of the bowls and plates I saw them
>display their prepared dishes on.
>-Cat Yassin
>San Antonio

Hey Cat

I saw some sushi plates that were rectangular in shape
and had to have been hand made. They had Ginko leaves on them
and small square feet. The only thing i looked for the rest of the show
was the Pottery. I have seen quite a few other pieces on other shows
and wanted to mention the pottery that is on Ellen. Looks like some
of our french connections pottery ( yes that would be Mr.B i'm talkin about.)
They just don't stay on it long enough to get a Goooooooood Look.
Also heart felt prayers are going out to all our potter brothers and sisters
down Florida way. I wish there was a way i could be there to help but that
is not a possibility right know.. My thoughts and prayers are the best i
can do.
Please be carful and if IVAN heads that way get outa there. Things can be
YOU can't..

ps. My daughter Just got into Orlando today----Red Cross Worker-She's
very upset !
Why does this have to happen ???? What do you
say !! Lifes that way....

Brian Haviland

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Brian Haviland
Fountain city, Indiana
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